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Tinnitus Notch Filter

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www.notched-music.comNot only in industrialized countries a significant fraction of the population suffers from tinnitus. Depending on various parameters such as pitch and loudness, this unwanted perception of ringing or other noise can strongly affect peoples quality of life.
Tinnitus originates from a series of very complex processes, and although global efforts are being made to betterunderstand this phenomenon, up to now there does not exist a cure for tinnitus. However, recent scientific publications indicate that listening to tailor-made notched music has the potential to at least decrease tinnitus loudness. In this enjoyable and low-cost approach, patients listen to their favorite music, from which a certain frequency band - typically one octave, centered around the tinnitus frequency - has been removed. Different studies indicate that patients should listen to notched music for at least one hour per day over a period of at least six month.
The Tinnitus Notch Filter app It takes an arbitrary piece of music in .mp3-format as input, applies a user-defined notch filter to remove a small frequency band around the tinnitus frequency, and stores the resulting notched music in an audio file. Possible output file formats are .mp3 and .wav. This app also provides tools that help patients to determine their individual tinnitus pitch and to design tailor-made notch filters that best fit their needs. In addition, this app visualizes the energy spectrum of the notched music such that patients can easily check if applying the notch filter produced the desired result. The signal processing procedures in this app are designed in such way thateven after applying the notch filter good audio quality is preserved.
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